This is Tau Tau: the design practice of me, Taulant Sulko. I love designing all kinds of things, from UI to visual identities, and even the occasional physical object & packaging. Many of my projects are shared here, in more or less chronological order. I'm always interested in tackling new design challenges, so please feel free to reach out if you'd like to talk.

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Tau Tau

Designer Bio Generator

What is Designer Bio Generator?

It’s a website that was made to poke fun at the formulaic nature of designer bios. This formula was made to me clear when I was attempting to draft my own biography. It sounded a lot like other bios. I started researching this and came across a tumblr blog called Designer Bios and that is where the true inspiration came from. I found the most common sentence structure and added synonymous words or groups of words to add variation. This resulted in a thousands of combinations that sounded very real.

How do I generate my own bio?

You can use the website in the frame below or use this link.

If was featured on a few notable blogs. It got a few international mentions aswell.

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