Tau Tau

What is Audiogram?

Audiogram is a web application that helps audio content creators share their audio clips as videos so they can get more traction on social media. Existing data shows that video performs a lot higher than text or audio on popular social media platforms such as facebook or twitter. With Audiogram, you can upload any audio clip, make a selection and use the visual editor to create a social media-ready video in just a few minutes.


My role in this project

For this project my role was a mix of UX, UI and Brand design. I provided the team with a design style-guide and screens. I participated in daily stand-ups to move the project forward. I worked closely with the founder and 2 engineers to help bring the project to life.


I created the wordmark that is currently in use. The look had to be simple and approachable.


UX Flow

Worked on the UX flow by making sure the core components of the app are easy to follow. Since the goal was to simplify something complex the consensus was to make a step by step experience to ease the cognitive load of the user.



I created a style-guide that would make brand elements appear in the UI.


UI implementation

I created mockups of the UI with the styleguide that I created.


Production Flow

The screen recording showcases the flow of the app and the interface design. This is a recording of a real app, not a mockup. You can also sign up for the app from this link.

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